Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio


From our understanding on yoga as a physical and mental practice, we come up with a design concept that defines yoga as a self-discipline and inward perspective into oneself. A cohesive ambiance is achieved based on our research on yoga postures and color psychology that would enrich the yoga experience.

Located at Level 2 shaded by tall trees outside, the space already has the quality that can elevate the yoga practice by connecting the space with the surrounding nature.


We choose the color grey to represent solidness and stability reflecting the composures of yoga. The blue and brown symbolize the concept of earthy Mother Nature, one’s emotional stability and tranquility. As your eyes begin to move upward during the sun salutation flow, the slit of light on the ceiling enhances the monochromatic palette,

thus surrendering one to a higher ground.


Project team: Clarisa Djunaidy