Tanamera Coffee 5.0
Tanamera Coffee 5.0


Tanamera PIK, located in North Jakarta divides 1/3 of kitchen area with the serving and customer area to accommodate a larger dining space for a potential bigger crowd. The concept for the Tanamera PIK is in dividing each space logically and efficiently while still representing Tanamera’s bold and industrial mood. The retail entrance starts from a small passage way challenging the typical openness adopted by retail spaces to the street. Other than a larger opening for open-air seating area upstairs, the facade is enveloped with metal panels and dark painted facade giving a more introverted-looking space.

The use of contrasting red and black colour becomes symbolic to Tanamera’s identity. The granite application on the coffee bar and darkly painted cabinetry looks striking against red-coloured wall. Additional sharp geometrical shapes applied to the pillars and cabinetry play well with the balance and circulation of the space. In doing so, Tanamera PIK interior has achieved its industrial and bold look in a different way that is paralleled to its independent and ambitious personality.


Project team: Vincentia M, Georgius
Furniture: Karsa Studio
Photography: Laurentius Wisnu, Manual
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com