Tanamera Coffee 4.0
Tanamera Coffee 4.0


The design concept of the cafe grows with Tanamera itself as a brand that has been maturing for the past few years. We work with employing strong lines and symmetry to give a bold and balanced proportion to the space.

This is seen in the application of the granite modules on the bar counter design and black vertical metal grills on the back wall of the bar area. Furthermore, using dark wooden planks for the flooring and rustic metal plates modules on the wall gives a masculine appearance to the space.


Being located at the drop-off lobby of One Pacific office, the space is divided into indoor and outdoor area so that customers can also enjoy a more laid-back experience in an open-air area. While the indoor interior is kept more monotone, the addition of vegetation and the mix-and-match of the furniture in the outdoor area injects a more lively atmosphere into the more quiet part of the shopping mall and office.


Web: www.tanameracoffee.com