Tanamera Coffee 1.0
Tanamera Coffee 1.0


The strong emphasis on using local materials is important to resonate with Tanamera’s proud commitment to using only Indonesian coffee beans. OSB panels that were used to package the coffee roasting machine are transformed

into shelving and cabinetry. Recycled teakwood attained from a local thrift shop is applied as wooden ceiling.

Additionally, a monochromatic palette of grey and black is combined with finished Nero Granite and rustic metal to further emphasize on Tanamera’s strong passion to produce, supply and champion their own locally produced coffee beans.


Located in the central yet secluded area of the city, the first Tanamera Coffee branch continues to successfully grow out of customers’ desire for an all-in-one sensory experience for a local artisan coffee. The coffee roasting machine is built in-house to educate the customers on the process of roasting coffee. Spread over several floors, the first floor focuses on the production line while catering to the cafe area and the upper floor offers a communal area that doubles as a space to host Tanamera’s barista workshop or other educational and promotional events.


Project team: Dennis Harvida
Furniture: Eva Natasa, Studio Kita
Photography: Boni Febrianda
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com