AK Office

Liquor Shop


With its concrete arches and partitions, the liquor shop takes shape of an imagined underground chamber that gives cavernous and atmospheric ambiance. Inspired by an underground wine cellar, the space’s main intention is to showcase the unique shapes and colors of the liquor bottles and give them their own characteristics within the retail space. The wall partitions which shelve these liquor bottles divide the space while also freely letting the customers browse the wide liquor selection offered. We chose a monochromatic palette with a domination of grey concrete and dark wooden furniture to align with our chamber concept that is mysterious but endearing. Additionally, the incorporation of brass as dainty accent creates a sheer elegance that results in an interior that is both masculine and tasteful.


 Project Team: Michelle Dharmawan




Dandelion Condotel
Dandelion Condotel


Dandelion is a boutique condotel designed by Andra Matin located in Seminyak, Bali. In collaboration with the architect, the brief was to highlight the rich culture and religious practice found in Bali and also to design an interior for a client who is keen on showcasing their wide collection of Scandinavian furniture in the bedroom suits.


One particular architectural element that fascinates us is ‘Poleng’ that lives within the roots of the Hindu religion in Bali. The traditional black and white ‘Poleng’ checkered pattern has been translated into carved wooden pattern used as a balcony screens and wardrobe doors. Additionally, we have sourced local andesite stone for the application on the bathroom walls, where these stones are abundant in a highly volcanic area such as Bali.


Project Team: Ryan Salim




Mong is a vibrant and laid-back restaurant targeted at a younger audience. The aim of the interior is to enhance the open space by incorporating greenery while mix-and-matching different textures in the material palette.

We went to explore materials that can yield interesting texture to arise in surface and complement with each other.

We favored the use of grey breeze blocks which allows circulation of light to come through while adding accent into the interior. The integration of palm tree trunks as well as the vertical green-wall behind the bar give a relaxing ambiance in a green indoor setting. 

Additionally, Mong’s open floor plan allows the space to be one large lounging area with a few different internal settings such as the bar and dining area, the communal table and the sofa area. We chose a combination of different types of furniture with playful shapes and details to add more interest to the interior. The mural artwork done by a local artist also makes a fun focal point in the dining area


 Project Team: Michelle Dharmawan, Clarisa Djunaidy



Verde 1.0

Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio


From our understanding on yoga as a physical and mental practice, we come up with a design concept that defines yoga as a self-discipline and inward perspective into oneself. A cohesive ambiance is achieved based on our research on yoga postures and color psychology that would enrich the yoga experience.

Located at Level 2 shaded by tall trees outside, the space already has the quality that can elevate the yoga practice by connecting the space with the surrounding nature.


We choose the color grey to represent solidness and stability reflecting the composures of yoga. The blue and brown symbolize the concept of earthy Mother Nature, one’s emotional stability and tranquility. As your eyes begin to move upward during the sun salutation flow, the slit of light on the ceiling enhances the monochromatic palette,

thus surrendering one to a higher ground.


Project team: Clarisa Djunaidy