Tanamera Coffee 1.0
Tanamera Coffee 1.0


The strong emphasis on using local materials is important to resonate with Tanamera’s proud commitment to using only Indonesian coffee beans. OSB panels that were used to package the coffee roasting machine are transformed

into shelving and cabinetry. Recycled teakwood attained from a local thrift shop is applied as wooden ceiling.

Additionally, a monochromatic palette of grey and black is combined with finished Nero Granite and rustic metal to further emphasize on Tanamera’s strong passion to produce, supply and champion their own locally produced coffee beans.


Located in the central yet secluded area of the city, the first Tanamera Coffee branch continues to successfully grow out of customers’ desire for an all-in-one sensory experience for a local artisan coffee. The coffee roasting machine is built in-house to educate the customers on the process of roasting coffee. Spread over several floors, the first floor focuses on the production line while catering to the cafe area and the upper floor offers a communal area that doubles as a space to host Tanamera’s barista workshop or other educational and promotional events.


Project team: Dennis Harvida
Furniture: Eva Natasa, Studio Kita
Photography: Boni Febrianda
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com



Tanamera Coffee 2.0
Tanamera Coffee 2.0


Following the success of Tanamera Coffee in Thamrin, the local artisan café expanded to Serpong to serve customers in the Southern outskirts of Jakarta. Spread over two floors, the first floor consists of a cafe and the site of the biggest roasting machine in any cafe in Indonesia and the second floor is a communal area with a coffee bar concept.

We have customized foldable steel doors and windows that allow both floors to make connection with the adjacent park.


We implemented the original design concept consisting of the usage of recycled materials and steel panels, and added the accent color red into the interior which comes from Tanamera’s brand identity.

This gives a bold yet a non-overwhelming statement to contrast the major black interior. We chose weathered steel as the primary material to give a more dynamic feel  into the interior as the material will age and weather in the coming years. All the chosen materials are to represent Tanamera Coffee as an optimistic business that produces and supplies high quality local coffee to both direct and indirect customers.


Project Team: Natasya Handajuwana, Virginia Sharon
Furniture: Eva Natasa, Kita Studio
Photography: Boni Febrianda
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com

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Tanamera Coffee 3.0
Tanamera Coffee 3.0


Tanamera at Kebayoran co-exists in the same building as Letter D which retains a few aspects of the existing interior architecture such as the traditional tile flooring and the square-framed ceiling pattern. We developed 30% of the interior and change the facade to align with Tanamera’s brand identity by combining its prominent interior palette with the existing furniture and material. The major design development is put into the bar area which incorporates textured steel flooring, the application of recycled teakwood next to the bar’s backwall as well as wavy line illustration done by a local artist on the front bar design and hanging strip light. The palette mixture between Tanamara’s identity with the existing gives the Kebayoran branch a different edge in comparison to the previous branches. The sliding doors are also covered in weathered steel and mesh as well as top tables that had been replaced by brand-new metal plate.


Photography: Laurentius Wisnu
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com
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Tanamera Coffee 4.0
Tanamera Coffee 4.0


The design concept of the cafe grows with Tanamera itself as a brand that has been maturing for the past few years. We work with employing strong lines and symmetry to give a bold and balanced proportion to the space.

This is seen in the application of the granite modules on the bar counter design and black vertical metal grills on the back wall of the bar area. Furthermore, using dark wooden planks for the flooring and rustic metal plates modules on the wall gives a masculine appearance to the space.


Being located at the drop-off lobby of One Pacific office, the space is divided into indoor and outdoor area so that customers can also enjoy a more laid-back experience in an open-air area. While the indoor interior is kept more monotone, the addition of vegetation and the mix-and-match of the furniture in the outdoor area injects a more lively atmosphere into the more quiet part of the shopping mall and office.


Web: www.tanameracoffee.com





Tanamera Coffee 5.0
Tanamera Coffee 5.0


Tanamera PIK, located in North Jakarta divides 1/3 of kitchen area with the serving and customer area to accommodate a larger dining space for a potential bigger crowd. The concept for the Tanamera PIK is in dividing each space logically and efficiently while still representing Tanamera’s bold and industrial mood. The retail entrance starts from a small passage way challenging the typical openness adopted by retail spaces to the street. Other than a larger opening for open-air seating area upstairs, the facade is enveloped with metal panels and dark painted facade giving a more introverted-looking space.

The use of contrasting red and black colour becomes symbolic to Tanamera’s identity. The granite application on the coffee bar and darkly painted cabinetry looks striking against red-coloured wall. Additional sharp geometrical shapes applied to the pillars and cabinetry play well with the balance and circulation of the space. In doing so, Tanamera PIK interior has achieved its industrial and bold look in a different way that is paralleled to its independent and ambitious personality.


Project team: Vincentia M, Georgius
Furniture: Karsa Studio
Photography: Laurentius Wisnu, Manual
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com

Tanamera Coffee 6.0

Tanamera Coffee 7.0

Tanamera Coffee 8.0

Tanamera Coffee 9.0
Tanamera Coffee 10.0