A Apartment
Duren Tiga House
Duren Tiga House


Duren 3 House is a residential designed by Tan Tjiang Ay. The owner of the house had approached us to renovate the house interior after living there for ten years. We then formulated a design brief that respects and complements the beautiful proportions and simplicity found in the architecture by ensuring that the floor plan and design elements remain as simple as possible.


The living and dining area located on the ground floor are turned into one connected living area for the client’s family members. The furniture was carefully selected in terms of color and grains of the wood to work in balance with the dark tiling, giving all of the spaces within the house a warm, comfortable and timeless feel.


Project Team: Michelle Dharmawan
Photography: Laurentius Wisnu



Latumenten Studio
Latumenten Studio


We converted a 30 m2 previously two-bedroom apartment into an open living space using a straight-forward approach to create a clutter-free environment. The brief is to design an urban den for a travel writer whose needs for the space are simplicity and functionality.


The space offers sufficient closed storages for the growing personal items that are accumulated.

The pantry has a sliding wooden partition that allows the user to cover the pantry when not in use.

Transparent glass replaced the existing bathroom wall to create an illusion of a larger space. Our colors and material palette such as white paint, wood and concrete are uncomplicated, hence maximizing the productivity of writers.


Project Team: Ryan Salim, Su Yenni
Photography: Boni Febrianda



07Aldo - Latumenten-0018

latumenten-0205Aldo - Latumenten-0030