Koda is a newly opened Japanese speakeasy bar by Yutaka Nakashima, where cocktails are tailored specifically for the customers. The concept for this bar is to “find the exit to an entrance of the perfect drink”.

Located in Central Jakarta, it is a hidden gem where the facade exterior is raw and cold, blending with the surrounding finishes, while the interior is elegant. The main entrance door to the bar is designed in a way that it resembles an exit door. As the customers “exit” through the door, they find an entry to an elegant bar filled with velvet and leather couches and rich dark walnut wood interior, giving a warm and cozy feeling to the space. The contrasting design of the exterior and interior gives the customers a whole new grant entrance experience, as they enter the bar.

Tea Station


Jeeves is a premium laundry valet with an expertise in cleaning a variety of fabric and leather goods.

To embody its image being a trust-worthy and high-end laundry brand, simplicity is kept to harmonize with the existing architecture that is geometrical and dark-toned. Natural materials such as Oakwood parquet is applied to the flooring, wall and fixture creating a monotone palette that is rich and inviting. White Statuario Marble cover the receptionist desks and hanging lamps to create a contrast against the wood.


Together with the lighting designer, a collaboration is made to highlight the metal paneling and grill to the facade as well as the main metal staircase that connect all the level. The Jeeves laundry valet hopes to create a dramatic showcase when seen from the street and still extruding its quality into the interior.


Project team: Asti Anisa



Ma La Tang

Ma La Tang



Petik is a juice bar and fruit market located in a quiet area of Gading Serpong.

The ambiance emphasizes the feeling of lightness and tranquility, representing the type of drink and food Petik serves; fresh-pressed juice and feel-good dessert.
The material palette is kept light and clean with a white-wash of paint. Polycarbonate panels highlighted with LED light creates an experimental backdrop behind the counter bar, radiating an inviting ambiance which can be seen from the street. Aluminium sheet is also used due to its reflective element to cover the bar counter as an open display for the fruits and vegetable.


Although Petik is tucked away in a small shop-house, grey-brown oakwood parquet and split stones are placed inside the interior to recreate a semi-outdoor scene. Water-based plants with big leaves in pots are placed in the semi-outdoor area at the backyard to imitate a getaway experience in a hidden garden.


Project team : Asti Anisa
Furniture : Karsa
Photography : Laurentius Wisnu
Verde 2.0