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Kintamani Villa

Koda is a newly opened Japanese speakeasy bar by Yutaka Nakashima, where cocktails are tailored specifically for the customers. The concept for this bar is to “find the exit to an entrance of the perfect drink”.

Located in Central Jakarta, it is a hidden gem where the facade exterior is raw and cold, blending with the surrounding finishes, while the interior is elegant. The main entrance door to the bar is designed in a way that it resembles an exit door. As the customers “exit” through the door, they find an entry to an elegant bar filled with velvet and leather couches and rich dark walnut wood interior, giving a warm and cozy feeling to the space. The contrasting design of the exterior and interior gives the customers a whole new grant entrance experience, as they enter the bar.

Tea Station

For the debut of furniture company QSF at Indonesia furniture fair IFEX 2019 in Jakarta, Studio Eva Natasa creates a concept INTERMIXTURE: A juxtapositions of hard and soft geometries, contrasting materials and finishes connected in a seamless flow to create an unexpected journey that evokes inspirations and creativities.

The concept is then interpreted by Studio Eva Natasa and Aldo Felix Studio into a 160m2 exhibition space, skilfully designed to present the collections of meticulously made furniture. The space features handmade custom wooden wall and flooring made from the waste teak wood from the company. Natural rattan and polypropylene yarn are used in the woven panels to create intriguing contrast of raw and refined, natural and engineered.

Most of the materials used throughout the space, from the Javanese teak wood to Borneo rattan to the Balinese red bricks while designed and executed in a precise manner, are presented in their raw state to show their natural characters to represent the core of the company that is driven by their passion for innovation and creativity and to highlight the quality of craftsmanship and the richness of natural materials of Indonesia.

Concept and direction: Studio Eva Natasa
Exhibition design: Studio Eva Natasa and Aldo Felix Studio

A Apartment
Bintaro House
Bintaro House

The design brief for the Bintaro house is to work with the existing architecture and to make the space feel and look more spacious. The architecture consists of large openings for the windows which allow a lot of natural light to come through. From there, we intuitively positioned the most used spaces in the house such as living room, bedroom and reading room in the more naturally light-filled area. We used semi-open partitions to divide the spaces but still allow the light to evenly distribute throughout the floor plan.


The plethora of wooden element within the house works harmoniously with the spatial quality. We selected wooden furniture and soft-cushioned sofa and chairs to create a relaxed and intimate interior setting. The vertical wooden grain pattern on the back of the bed, the bedroom wall and the door that leads to the backyard creates an interesting focal point in each space and also enhances the volume of the house. Petra Serena Marble is used as a subtle accent to add more elegance to the material palette.


 Project Team: Michelle Dharmawan, Phillip Zhora


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