Tanamera Coffee
Tanamera Coffee Booth


In designing a modular booth for Tanamera Coffee, the aim is to have a booth that is adjustable when placed in different locations and area size. The design simplifies the operation chain from the coffee order at the entrance to the coffee pick-up at the exit, thereby representing the chain as a straight linear circulation. One of Tanamera’s goals is to educate the customers about the coffee-making process. Hence, the interior is designed to stimulate the communication exchange between the baristas and the customers making use of the small and intimate space.


The design is built upon the concept of curiosity and intimacy to invite people into the booth. The precise openings on each wall elevation, were deliberately made at different eye-level to highlight the human’s eye perspectives as one moves from one viewpoint to the other. The narrow openings  such as the two openings below the signage, the vertical window at the exit, the six openings at the foot-level, are to spark people’s curiosity about the coffee-making process from outside of the booth. Materials and color palette are retained from the original interior that signifies Tanamera’s brand identity.


Project Team: Michelle Dharmawan
Photography: Boni Febrianda
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com

Aldo-0062-Booth Logo Aldo-0066-Booth Front 1 Aldo-0073-Booth-Front Aldo-0074-Booth-Inside Aldo-0078-Booth-Back Aldo-0081-Booth-logo Aldo-0087-Booth-Front