Tanamera Coffee 3.0
Tanamera Coffee 3.0


Tanamera at Kebayoran co-exists in the same building as Letter D which retains a few aspects of the existing interior architecture such as the traditional tile flooring and the square-framed ceiling pattern. We developed 30% of the interior and change the facade to align with Tanamera’s brand identity by combining its prominent interior palette with the existing furniture and material. The major design development is put into the bar area which incorporates textured steel flooring, the application of recycled teakwood next to the bar’s backwall as well as wavy line illustration done by a local artist on the front bar design and hanging strip light. The palette mixture between Tanamara’s identity with the existing gives the Kebayoran branch a different edge in comparison to the previous branches. The sliding doors are also covered in weathered steel and mesh as well as top tables that had been replaced by brand-new metal plate.


Photography: Laurentius Wisnu
Web: www.tanameracoffee.com
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