Nala Coffee 2.0
Nala Coffee 2.0


The spatial design of Nala Serpong was focused on maximizing the seating capacity within a 60m2 area in order to maintain an airy spatial quality despite a compact site. The color palette is kept neutral which mainly compromises of grey tones in order to follow with the distinct monochromatic look associated with Nala, as well as to minimise spatial intrusion within the direct eyesight.
By expanding the back wall of the building, the customers are able to enjoy Nala in a more open-air and light-filled area. This expansion also lends light in from both ends of the site, which creates a sense of continuity and open-endedness. Lastly, we designed the steel tables and bench to match Eva Natasa’s stools to harmonise the material choice and to further extend our fondness for high quality furniture.

Furniture : Eva Natasa, Studio Kita
Photography : Laurentius Wisnu, Manual


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