Mong is a vibrant and laid-back restaurant targeted at a younger audience. The aim of the interior is to enhance the open space by incorporating greenery while mix-and-matching different textures in the material palette.

We went to explore materials that can yield interesting texture to arise in surface and complement with each other.

We favored the use of grey breeze blocks which allows circulation of light to come through while adding accent into the interior. The integration of palm tree trunks as well as the vertical green-wall behind the bar give a relaxing ambiance in a green indoor setting. 

Additionally, Mong’s open floor plan allows the space to be one large lounging area with a few different internal settings such as the bar and dining area, the communal table and the sofa area. We chose a combination of different types of furniture with playful shapes and details to add more interest to the interior. The mural artwork done by a local artist also makes a fun focal point in the dining area


 Project Team: Michelle Dharmawan, Clarisa Djunaidy